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Bold Poker replaces your deck of cards with iPhones.
A whole bunch of iPhones.


Poker night just got a serious upgrade

Next time you get together with friends for some hold'em, tell them to bring their iPhones. Bold Poker uses your iPhone or iPod touch and iPad and turns them into a deck of cards.


Your personal card dealer

You'll intuitively know how Bold Poker works. Just move the button to deal another round. No more shuffling required.


A pair of cards never felt (or looked) this good

It's all about the experience. Beautifully designed for retina screens. Custom illustrated card backs. Officially licensed card faces. Realistic yet subtle sound design.


Go ahead, take a peek

Be discreet. Bold Poker draws your cards so they look right no matter how you hold your phone. Playing on mirrors or a glass table? We've got you taken care of.


Heads up!

Bold Poker enhances your real-life Texas hold'em experience. To play a game with Bold Poker you will need at least 3 iOS devices: one acting as the board and one for each player holding cards.


Go All-in!

Any iPhone fanatics in the house? Bold Poker allows you to use one device for each card dealt — just in case you have a crop of iPhones laying around or wanna put your old iPhones to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you serious?

Absolutely. We are serious about poker. We are serious about the iPhone and iPad. We are serious about great design. We are serious about solid engineering.

Why should I use an iPad and a bunch of iPhones instead of a 99¢ deck of cards?

Glad you asked! Acceptable excuses include:

  • Because you can (and it's fun!).
  • You are impatient with your friends' amateur dealing skills.
  • You want to enjoy the comfort and speed of a professional dealer at your home game without the hassle or cost.

How many players can participate in a game?

Bold Poker supports up to 12 players per table.

What's up with the mirrors, do I need one?

While the mirrors in our videos and screenshots are in no way a necessity, we do encourage you to try it out! You can place a mirror underneath your iPhone or put your iPhone on a glass table and Bold Poker will show you a mirrored image of your cards depending on the angle you're holding it. This lets you see your cards while tilting your iPhone just a few degrees, making it even more difficult for others to peek!

Where can I get that mirror?

We're looking into having them made and available for purchase. In the meantime, we recommend making them yourself. We'll put instructions up here soon.

What games does Bold Poker support?

Bold Poker supports Texas hold'em as well as Omaha.

Can I play Bold Poker alone?

No, Bold Poker is not your everyday poker app. Instead of offering gameplay against the phone or with other people online, Bold Poker functions as your personal dealer and deck of cards for your at-home, in-person games. So grab a couple friends, some poker chips and some tasty snacks. Download the app and watch as poker night transforms into something new and incredibly exciting.

Wait, so everyone at the table needs an iPhone or iPod touch?

Yes. Each player needs one device to hold their cards. You'll also need one other device on the table (we recommend an iPad) to show the button and board cards. Oh, Android works now, too.

But there's more: Use an extra iPhone to act as the dealer button or have each iPhone display only one card. You can use up to 18 iPhones when you're playing a six-player round!

Do we need an internet connection to play?

Yes, Bold Poker requires an internet connection to deal cards. Wi-fi is recommended for serious games.

Is the shuffling and transmission of cards secure?

Cards are shuffled using a battle-tested shuffling algorithm. Cards are transferred securely to the devices using SSL-encryption by servers built on erlang (used by banks and telecoms because of its high-availability and reliability).

Got more questions?

If you have more questions or feature requests, feel free to write us at help (at)!